“Arms” on INI compilation

INI Movement have released the 3rd installment in their “Gulden Snede” (Golden Ratio) compilations today. My track “Arms” is on it. It’s a bit of a dark one, fitted to the dark season we are in.

“De Gulden Snede vol III” download

“Pentatones – The Beast (Arts The Beatdoctor remix)” out now

German electronic band Pentatones have released their single “The Beast”, produced by Robot Koch. I made one of the remixes. The vibe turned out a bit more Hip-Hoppy than I usually do these days so check it out if that’s what you’re into.

The Beast single on iTunes
The Beast single on Amazon

They also made a pretty ambitious video for the original song.


I’m feeling up for an experiment. Let’s make something!

I’m a pretty visual person, and I can get inspired by watching (moving) images that carry something, an athmosphere or emotion. So I thought, I’m going to create a track based on visual input.

So I’d like to ask everyone that’s interested – send me video. It might be a beautiful shot from a movie you just watched. It might be a thing you filmed on your phone that means something to you. It can be just a single short shot, or a collection of shots (like an abstract music video). Anything you feel could or should inspire me.

I’ll collect the things that get sent to me into a moving moodboard and create a track based on them. Might completely not work out, but that’s why it’s called an experiment. Might do more if it works out well.

You can send your video(s) here:

Thanks in advance to anyone sending me something, and feel free to share this to any of your equally visual-minded friends.


I’m finally able to show this video of an installation I’ve built in cooperation with Tijmenrockt. It gives visitors the ability to play with the song “Moebius’ Travels”, creating new versions on the spot. Check out the video, and possibly play around with it when the installation comes to a city near you!


The good people at Mad-Hop have been steadily releasing good compilation for the last few years. For vol. 8, I’ve submitted the previously unreleased track Rise Up, which opens the compilation, followed by many great names like Slugabed, Hamertje Tik, Pixelord, Julien Mier, Evil Needle and many others.

You can grab the compilation for €7 on Bandcamp, or listen to Rise Up on my Soundcloud.


Hamertje Tik released his “Home” EP on Basserk in February. That release is now followed up by “Sleepless Nights Remix EP”, including remixes by GANZ, and also a remix by me.

Get the EP on iTunes, or listen to my remix on Soundcloud.



Yesterday, “Lazy Thunder Remixes” was released on Lowriders Recordings. Featuring remixes by Kidkanevil, Julien Mier, Bastard Sugar and myself, this digital release showcases a new take on tracks previously found on the Lazy Thunder EP.

The EP can be downloaded from the Arts The Beatdoctor Bandcamp, and is “Name Your Price” – You can download it for free, or choose to donate an amount of your choosing to help fund this, and the next, release. It’s also available for streaming through Spotify and Soundcloud.


A while ago I walked into the Binkbeats studio, where the man himself was fooling around with some percussion instruments, to recreate electronically made beats with live instruments. I immediately got my camera and some lights and recorded the routine, and threw it on Youtube. And we basicly haven’t stopped since. Here’s the five videos we did up until now.

You can follow Binkbeats’ endeavours on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

BINKBEATS Beats Unraveled #5: Lovely Bloodflow by Baths

BINKBEATS Beats Unraveled #4: Lost & Found by Amon Tobin

BINKBEATS Beats Unraveled #3: Without You by Lapalux

BINKBEATS Beats Unraveled #2: Getting There by Flying Lotus

BINKBEATS Beats Unraveled #1: The Healer by Madlib/Erykah Badu


It’s been a while. Apart from a collection of old gems released earlier this year, the last real Arts The Beatdoctor release was Progressions, in 2008. But all the hard work paid off, and I’m happy to be able to tell you that Lazy Thunder is now officially out on 12″ vinyl and digital. Check it out.

The vinyl and digital version are now for sale on the Bandcamp Webstore.

If you’re more of a streaming kind of person but would like to help spread the word anyway, consider posting the link to the Bandcamp album:

or share any track you like on Facebook or Twitter from the Soundcloud Album:

Soundcloud also features the option to “like” and “repost” which also helps to spread the word greatly. There’s nothing better than seeing people enjoy and share the stuff I’ve been working on for years in secrecy.

So go out and enjoy the music!


On september 24th 2013, I will release the Lazy Thunder EP (LOW015) on Lowriders Recordings. It will be released on limited colored vinyl 12″ and digital. Pre-orders are available through the Lowriders Bandcamp at a reduced price of €7,-

The releaseparty will be on Saturday september 21st, at Worm Rotterdam. The night will be headlined by Kahn. Tickets are €7, and are available here.


Alongside the likes of Boeboe, Vincent-Paolo and Oby Nine, I’ve been asked by 22tracks to make a remix of famous Dutch composer Simeon Ten Holt’s “Canto Ostinato” on location at the World Minimal Music Festival, at the Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan het IJ. The results are now available for free download courtesy of 22tracks.


Picture (c) Raymond van Mil

Picture (c) Raymond van Mil

Original piece here:



I will be part of a new project by Teo Skaffa, called An Adventurer Is You.
While I can’t say much else about it for now, at least here is a teaser page with some SNES-inspired music by me:


Released on March 1st: My remix of Bombay Show Pig’s song “Fingerprint”. It received its online premiere on Potholes In My Blog, check the article here. It’s available for free download through Soundcloud (above) an on my Bandcamp page.

The track is part of a limited edition 10″ pink vinyl remix EP. Get your copy of the EP, while stocks last, from my Bandcamp webshop or the Bombay Show Pig webshop.

In other news, the complete collection of 30 songs that is Lost Track Of Time, is now also on Soundcloud and YouTube.


Lost Track of Time; Unreleased 2002-2012

This February, “Lost Track of Time; Unreleased 2002-2012″ was released. 30 tracks from the vaults, that didn’t see the light of day before. You can listen to and buy it here:

Lost Track of Time Bandcamp


“All We Are” remix material for free download

I’m giving away the material of the first track, All We Are. You can get creative with it, make something, go wild.
Download works via “Pay With a Tweet”. Check the included PDF for directions on what you can and can’t do with the material.


I’ve compiled 30 tracks from the last 10 years. As of today, it’ll be available for digital download on Bandcamp. Also, I will “premiere” 1 track for streaming every day of February. Check the available tracks, or buy the whole compilation, here:

Arts The Beatdoctor – Lost Track of Time; Unreleased 2002-2012


A little word of introduction.

Those of you who have seen me perform live since 2007, have been able to see me in various different settings and with various instruments and means of performing; Backing a jazz-oriented band with beats, performing with a group of orchestral singers, improvising with various instrumentalists, rocking shows with MCs, or concentrating on live keys and guitar. The last form my liveshow took, had me performing solo music, trying to build


Today I received 2 compilations in the mail. One travelled around the world, the other one travelled about 50 km’s.

First, straight from Japan, there’s P-Vine’s “Caramel Jazz -Urban Side-“. It features The Anthem ft Pete Philly, alongside tracks by Hocus Pocus, J. Rawls and Kero One.

And second, straight from Rotterdam, there’s the Redrum Recordz compilation “Songs of Charcoal”. Amongst tracks by Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and Fremdkunst, there’s my track Ghost In The Machine. You can stream the whole compilation here (maybe only for Dutch listeners).


So, there’s this Dutch TV show called Spuiten & Slikken, where they talk about having sex and doing drugs. It’s like Amsterdam; The TV Show if that existed. It’s pretty cool actually. The original presenter of the program, Sophie Hilbrand, was actually one of the first people to play my music on big Dutch radio, when she still had a radio show. And last week, the paths of this TV show and me crossed again when they bumrushed the party I was playing at in Canvas.

So that how it’s possible for me to type this next sentence:

Watch the video below to see me perform in front of a crowd of halloween-partygoers, a camera crew and a TV presenter high on GHB.
(my little feature is at 21.35)


Today, Mad-Hop 5; Mad Love is released. It’s a free compilation (pay-what-you-want) which collects a lot of interesting, up-and-coming producers in the beats scene. My remix of Leadsmen’s “Words Unspoken” is on it, alongside productions by Sina, Dizz1, Headshotboyz and many others. This remix was previously available on Leadsmen’s Words Unspoken EP only, so if you didn’t catch that one yet, here’s your chance to pick it up for free.

Here’s the download:

And here’s the promo vid.




An hour ago, the first-ever 22beats compilation went live on 22tracks. 22beats is a project by 22tracks, where 22 Dutch beatmakers/producers show their stuff. I was asked to contribute a track too. So, you’ll find my track IL404 at number 21.

The releaseparty is tonight at MC Theater in Amsterdam. DJ’s will be FS Green, Full Crate and Dauwd. Tickets are €10,-


I lowered the prices of CD’s and digital downloads in the webstore. Seeing as the releases are now a few years old, it’s a chance to support me if you enjoy the music, without paying top money.

You’ll find the webstore here:


Last week, I debuted my remix of Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers” in Giel Beelen’s live radio show on 3FM (watch the video here). Today, I’m putting it up for free download, for all to enjoy. It ofcourse features the lovely vocals of miss Lykke Li, but also those of PAX, and the bass guitar of Morgan Moore. Listen and download via the Soundcloud widget above, and of course feel free to share it with whoever you like.

Although the download is free, I cost me some to make it so (amongst other things, to pay for the excellent mastering job by Audible Oddities). If you want to support, consider buying the remix from Bandcamp (it’s name-your-price, so you can give as much or as little as you like). It’s also available there in wav format, if you like even higher audio quality than the one offered on Soundcloud.



A while back I announced the pre-order of the new batch of Arts The Beatdoctor shirts. And they came in a short while ago, but seeing as I just this week found the time to get them photographed properly: All watch in awe as I present to you: the Arts The Beatdoctor Waveform T-shirts!

Available from the Bandcamp Webshop, in 2 different designs, both in 2 colors and for men and women.

Design by Nick Liefhebber, photographs by The Thanks We Get. And a big thank you to Abel and Danique for gracefully modeling the hell out of my shirts!


While most of it will stay undercover for a little longer, here’s a small jam I did with a new song idea.


Send Your Voice

2012, a heavily prophesized year. Some say it will be the last year on earth. Others say, it will be the year Arts The Beatdoctor releases a new record.

While both statements might come true, you can help out with the second one; I’m looking for your one-of-a-kind voices. I’d like to be inspired by outside influences, so I decided to ask everybody who is interested to send in a recording. Who knows, your voice might end up in an Arts The Beatdoctor track. Expect it to be cut up, reversed, bit-crushed and violated in other harsh but creative ways…

Make sure to upload your voices before February 1st 2012.

Steps to make it work:

  1. Make a recording of your voice. The length should be in between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Please record in one take, without a backing track (so, record “acapella”). You can sing, record a poem, whatever you feel like. You can record in any language, or even record something without words.
  2. Name your file: “artsapella *yourname*”.
  3. Take a deep breath and upload the recording via In the WeTransfer comment field, add your full name, and how you would like to be credited (your own name or pseudonym).
  4. If your recording ends up in an Arts The Beatdoctor song, you will be notified. You will get a free digital copy of the release. You will be credited as “additional vocals by…” You can register your share in the song at your country’s musicians’ rights organisation (in Holland, this is SENA for example). This way you will receive a percentage of every time the song is played on the radio. There are no other rights associated with the use of your voice: By sending in your submission, you implicitly give Arts The Beatdoctor the right to use it as a sample without additional payment being required..
  5. Now do a little dance! You’ll soon receive a confirmation e-mail.

(note: The guys at WeTransfer have decided to support the project and have provided a dedicated upload channel, making the upload process somewhat easier. Thanks guys!)


On October 23rd, I opened for Eskmo in Simplon, Groningen. Nikki and Johannes Fabery De Jonge shot this video during that show. It’s a bit of a showcase of what the new (and still evolving) show looks like.


In december, a new Arts The Beatdoctor shirt will be pressed. It will be available in women’s and men’s, and in 2 designs. Until it is pressed, I will be taking pre-orders in the BandCamp webshop. A free download of the track Ghost In The Machine is included. Pre-order bonus: shipping costs to The Netherlands will be on me, and to the rest of the world will be 50% off.

Go to the webstore to pre-order here


Below are some videos and pictures detailing the trip Skiggy and I made to Chelyabinsk, Russia to play at the Metagalaxy Festival.


Beats Broke’s latest signing, Leadsmen, have released their first EP today. Words Unspoken consists of 3 original compositions by the two Dutch beatsmiths, and 3 remixes by Project Mooncircle’s Robot Koch, the awesome Octopus Project from Austin, TX, and a remix by me. You can listen to my remix below:

Listen to the full EP and, if so inclined, buy it on the Beats Broke website or on iTunes.



So, last weekend I played 2 shows opening for Eskmo, one at Amsterdam Dance Event in the Sugar Factory in Amsterdam, and one in Simplon Groningen. Thanks to everybody who came out to see it, very good to test out some of the new work in front of real people!

3voor12 Groningen posted a nice review (in Dutch) with some pictures. Check it here.


Welcome on this new website! It has been designed by the awesome and amazingly patient Nick Liefhebber.

If you’re someone who enjoys letting the information come to you instead of the other way around, that can be arranged too. Just become a Fan on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or even subscribe to an RSS feed of my upcoming shows.

So, what’s been up lately? Well, after releasing Transitions in 2007, Progressions in 2008, taking part in The Q4 for 2010’s Sound Surroundings and Darker Days, and touring all over the place, it was time to take a step back and decide where I wanted to go. As a result of that, I quit The Q4 in october 2010, developed a completely re-thought way to perform my tracks onstage (check it out if you’re near any of my shows), and found the inspiration for new work (if you’re curious, check out the first result of this, my new track Ghost In The Machine).

So what’s coming in the future? I don’t know yet. But because of this website, you will know as soon as I do.


Arts The Beatdoctor


I did an interview with Max at It turned out to be quite an interesting e-talk. If you’d like to know more about what I did recently, or why it has been quiet for a while, check it out.

Arts The Beatdoctor interview on


I’ve moved my webshop over to Bandcamp. From now on all items on sale (CD’s, vinyls, digital releases) are available there. Payment options are PayPal or creditcard, shipping is worldwide. You can also combine items to keep the shipping down.

Added bonus: If you buy a release on CD or vinyl that’s also available digitally, you get the digital version for free, immediately after paying. So you have something to listen to while you wait for the CD or vinyl to arrive.

If you go to the Music page on my website, and click on a release, on the right you will see a music player with a Buy button. This will take you to the item in the Bandcamp store. Or you can just browse the store from here.


After a long time of creating new material and working on my show, finally I have some new dates to try it all out in front of you.